DIY: Do-It-Yourself selfservice for Science logins

By logging in on the Do-It-Yourself website one can view the settings of the Science login and change most settings.

  • On the main page one can view e.g. the personnel number or student number, the path to the homedirectory network disk and the personal mail addresses.

  • By choosing password one can change the password. The new password has to contain at least 6 characters, at least 1 needs to be a digit and 1 needs to be a character that is neither a letter nor a digit. The password is used for services like attaching network drives or network printers, for the Science wireless network, for receiving e-mail from a C&CZ mailserver, for sending mail with authenticated smtp and for the editing of the wiki through the OpenID service.

  • By choosing list one can see of which simple email lists one is a member. Membership of mailman mailinglists cannot be shown. By viewing a selected simple email list, one can see which email addresses it contains, what the spam block level is and who are the owners of the list (if there are owners). An owner of a list can add or remove mail addresses from the list and even add new owners.

  • By choosing groups one can view the Unix groups which contain the loginname. By viewing a selected group one can see other members and the owner (if any). An owner of a group can add or remove loginnames to the group and even add new owners.

  • By choosing profile one can choose to have a roaming profile for the NWI and/or B-FAC domain. With a roaming profile, program settings and the desktop are saved when logging out. On login to a different computer, these settings are restored.

  • By choosing antispam one can view and change the antispam settings.

  • By choosing vacation one can have an automatic reply (vacation message) to incoming mail.

  • By choosing forward one can choose a mail-address (maximum 2) to which mail will be forwarded and whether a local copy should be kept too. NOTE: Since October 14, 2008, externally forwarded mail is being filtered from spam to try to keep our mailservers off blacklists.

  • By choosing shell one can choose the login shell one gets when login into C&CZ managed Linux machines.