This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

If you want to give one or more guests access to the wireless network or the pcs in the computer labs, there are several possibilities, see below. For more long-term logins for employees, students, or guests, see the page about logins.

  • Only needed today? One or a few logins for today: visit the Library of Science .
  • Only wifi needed? Employees of Science-departments can request Eduroam Visitor Access accounts, that give visitors access to a separate part of the wireless network. through the Library of Science or C&CZ-Operations, tel. 20000.
  • In all other cases: contact postmaster at least a few working days before the logins are needed with information about:
    • How many logins?
    • For which purpose? If the pc’s in the computer labs are used, is special software needed?
    • Until which date are the logins needed? After that date they will be removed.
    • You will receive a mail with a pdf attachment, that can be printed on 8x3 A4 sticker paper.