What path to mount?

The storage page describes the paths for your home directory and network shares. Once you know what network share to mount, follow the steps for your operating system below.


A VPN connection is required when accessing these paths from outside of the RU network.

If you have trouble connecting to a network share after following the steps below, do not hessitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!


To assign a drive letter to a network share:

  • Open file explorer and go to This PC
  • In the ribbon select Computer -> Map network drive -> Map network drive
  • Choose a drive letter and fill in the network share path, which starts with \\
  • Select Reconnect at sign-in
  • Select Connect using different credentials
  • Click Finish
  • Fill in your Science loginname and your password
  • Select Remember my credentials and click Ok

The network drive should now be visible in Explorer. If not? Contact us!


To connect to a network share on a macOS system:

  • Open Finder, for example, by clicking somewhere on the Desktop
  • Under the Go menu, choose Connect to Server , or use the Command + K keyboard short cut
  • Specify the share path, which starts with smb://..., and click Connect
  • Use your Science account and your password to authenticate

The network drive should now be available in Finder. If not? Contact us!


To mount a network share on a Ubuntu Linux system:

  • Open the file manager Files
  • On the left side, click +Other Locations
  • In the bottom bar, at Connect to Server, enter the network share path, which starts with smb://...
  • Click the Connect button
  • A dialog pops up that asks for authentication
  • For Connect as, select Registered User
  • Fill in your Science account and your password
  • (Leave the suggested field Domain unchanged, it’s value actually does not matter)
  • Choose weather or not your system should remember your password
  • Hit hit the Connect button to finalize

The network drive should now be available in ‘Files’. If not? Contact us!

Mobile devices

Mobile devices have no built-in or standard way of accessing network shares. Various apps fill in that gap. These are apps that support accessing network shares:

Android Description
Astro File Browser + Astro SMB module File manager
SolidExplorer File manager
SyncMe Wireless Sync app
FolderSync Lite or FolderSync Pro Sync app
iOS Description
FileBrowser File manager with built-in document viewer
GoodReader Primarily for PDF documents