If you somehow fail to get our standard VPN service up and running on your system, use our OpenVPN service.

General settings:

label value
server adres
port 443


You can test your VPN-connection by visiting this (great) website:

This page displays your ip address. If your Science VPN is active, your ip address should start with 131.174.. The hostname will look like `

Ubuntu 22.04 instructions

Download the Science openvpn configuration file:


Goto “Systeem settings” > “Network”. You should see this screen:

add vpn in ubuntu

Click the + button to add a new VPN connection.

In the next dialog choose “Import from file…” and select the just downloaded ovpn file.

You should see this screen now:

openvpn configuration ubuntu

Just fill in your science loginname.

After saving your configuataion, you should be able to activate your OpenVPN connection. Click the icons in the top-right corner of your screen:

activate vpn ubuntu