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Prezi is a cloud based application to create and show presentations. It is a functionally attractive alternative for powerpoint. Prezi (pronounced as prezzi) presentations are stored in the cloud, i.e. on the Prezi website. This means you must be connected to the internet to show a presentation, although the more expensive licenses allow for offline presentations as well (Prezi Desktop). With the standard public license all of your presentations are visible for the world

Example presentations, user manuals, and instruction videos are available online.

Edu Enjoy license

For teachers and students an extended license is available for free, the so called “Edu Enjoy” license. Your mail address is used to check if you belong to an educational organisation, so use an RU address which ends in “” (e.g. “” or “”) to qualify for an Edu license. The registration process itself is straightforward.

Warning: It is possible that the verification email is put into the “spam” folder.

Advantages of the Edu Enjoy license as compared to Public:

  • PRIVATE presentations (choose who to share with)
  • Use your own logo (Get rid of the Prezi logo)
  • 500MB storage space instead of 100MB

Compared to the regular Enjoy license the Edu Enjoy license does not offer Premium (e-mail helpdesk) support.

Edu Enjoy upgrade

If you already have a personal (public) Prezi license and you wish to upgrade to Edu Enjoy, proceed as follows:

  • Logon to the Prezi website.

  • Click your account name (upper right) and choose “Settings & Account”

    • If necessary change your mail address (which is also your Prezi login name) (a “Save changes” button automatically appears)
    • Wait for the change to take place, then repeat the first two steps
  • Halfway down the page under “Account & license” click “Upgrade your license”

  • In the Enjoy column choose “Student & Teacher licenses”

  • Click “Upgrade” under Edu Enjoy (price should be $0/month)