This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

To use the C&CZ printers the loginname must be present in a budgetgroup for the specific group of printers. Next to that, the budget must be sufficient to print at least 1 page. The budget is automatically being lowered by the costs of print jobs. On the Do It Yourself website one can choose the default budget to print from. There one can also view the current amounts of all budgets that can be used and view a summary of the last twenty print jobs.

To start a new budgetgroup, one has to stop by C&CZ system administration.

C&CZ sends an email when the printbudget has become too low. For a personal budget the mail is sent to the personal email address. For a group budget the mail is sent to the owners of the budget group. Send a mail to postmaster if you want to be warned earlier. Please include the name of the budgetgroup and the value of the printbudget at which you want to receive a mail.

Putting money on an existing budget group can be done in a few ways:

  • for groups with a budget number, by sending mail to mentioning the amount, the budget number and the budget group.
  • if necessary with cash at C&CZ system administration.