With the information below in an email to postmaster@science.ru.nl you can request C&CZ to restore one or more files.

One problem is that C&CZ cannot be sure that the email-address of the sender of such an email-request is not faked. Therefore C&CZ will first check with the supposed sender. The fastest way is therefore to phone or stop by C&CZ after sending an email with the information below to postmaster@science.ru.nl. If you do that on the day that you lost the file(s), probably C&CZ can very easily copy the file(s) back from the snapshot of that morning.

Fill in the fields as completely and accurately as possible.

creation date:
creation time:
date of last change:
time of last change:
date of loss:
time of loss:
reason of loss:

Please give here the complete filename(s), one per line.