Van Dale

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Van Dale dictionaries

All old C&CZ managed MS-Windows PCs *with Windows-XP* have the following van Dale dictionaries:

  • Dutch dictionary: dikke van Dale
  • Dutch-German, German-Dutch
  • Dutch-English, English-Dutch
  • Dutch-French, French-Dutch

These can be used automatically from within MS-Word.

For other PCs one can use these dictionaries by attaching the S-disk and do the installation for each dictionary. For German that means running S:\VanDale\Grote woordenboeken\Duits\client\setup.exe and for Dutch S:\VanDale\Clients\Setup.exe.

  • Known problems: Unfortunately sometimes there is a problem with Word. The dictionaries are added to Word by means of template files in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\. When Word starts, it makes backup copies of the template files in this directory that have filenames starting with ~$. If Word finishes abnormally, these files can be left in the STARTUP directory, causing irritating, but harmless error messages on the next startup of Word. Removing these ~$ files makes these irritating, but harmless error messages go away.

  • License: First some faculties (including the Faculty of Science) had some partial licenses, but the University Library informed us in July, 2008 that they had licenses for the Dutch, English, French, and German dictionaries.

Access is via a web site: Van Dale Dictionaries. This will only work on Campus, through a vpn connection or via the proxy server of the UB Vandale Dictionaries