Saving time when making appointments (manage calendars)

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

If you spend a lot of time planning appointments, especially with stable and/or big lists of employees, please read on.

The last few weeks, the Faculty Office succesfully tested the Mozilla SunBird calendar software. At this moment, with this software one can view the free/busy information of a few dozen employees that are using Outlook, Google Calendar or a Science Faculty E-Groupware calendar.

If you are interested in using this calendar software, we would like to hear from you, with a list of persons with whom you most often make (group) appointments. These persons can change their calender settings themselves.

Radboud University intends to migrate in 2010 to a modern mail/agenda system for all employees and students. This system can be used with a nice webclient, but also with Outlook, Thunderbird etc. This should make planning appointments with RU employees really simple and efficient. If you can wait for this new system, you do not have to react of course.