Reduce mail from \*-studenten-\* mailing lists

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Student representatives reported to C&CZ that some students would like to reduce the amount of mails they receive from the Mailman mailing lists. The mailing lists for students are the umbrella list fnwi-studenten, and the lists per discipline and year that make up the umbrella list. Therefore C&CZ changed the configuration of the -studenten- mailing lists, so digests (summaries) for the -students- mailing lists are only mailed once a week. Of course this only has an effect for students who have selected to prefer to be mailed a digest instead of receiving every mail separately. For all other Mailman mailinglists a digest is mailed once a day. The digest option can be selected per user per mailing list, e.g. on the -studenten-discipline/year mailing list website, through “change your subscription options”.