Please use ru-wlan instead of Science wireless\!

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

In the near future the wireless access points in the Huygens building and the buildings around it, will be replaced by new ones, based on a new technique. The Science wireless network will then no longer be available. Therefore please switch over to using the ru-wlan wireless network, that is available before and after. One can use ru-wlan with U-number and RU-password, but also with and Science-password. After the switch, faster (wireless-N) access points wille be used in busy areas. After the switch the eduroam wireless network will be available too, one can use that with and RU-password, but also with and Science-password. Before the switch, eduroam is only available near the Huygens building on the terrace behind the restaurant. In the future ru-wlan will be switched off, only eduroam will survive. Furthermore, there is a plan to have more wireless access outside of the Huygens building, i.e. at the central entrance and the grass behind the Huygens building.