Phishing mail: "Belangrijke boodschap met betrekking tot uw Radboud Universiteit Webmail" en "Fwd: Your e-mail will expire soon"

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Recently a number of employees of the Faculty of Science received a phishing email with the subject “Belangrijke boodschap met betrekking tot uw Radboud Universiteit Webmail” and content “Nieuw Belangrijk Veiligheid Bericht Alert! Inloggen om het probleem op te lossen.” Others received mail with subject “Fwd: Your e-mail will expire soon”. The link provided in the mail points to a copy of our Horde webmail service. Big differences are:

  • the URL is not within
  • it is not a secure https connection, the lock is not present
  • the account name and password that you type in, do not arrive at C&CZ servers, but at Internet criminals. They can then access all files and mail of that Science account. Usually the criminals try to use the user credentials to send spam via our mail servers. This is something we notice; in such a case C&CZ will disable the user account a.s.a.p. to prevent further abuse of the account and to prevent our mail servers from ending up on black lists.

It is not the first time we see a phishing attack specifically aimed at Science-users and it will most probably not be the last time either. Please stay alert! If you want to read more about phishing, please see this monthly security newsletter.