Linux login server lilo3 replaces lilo1

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

A new Ubuntu 12.04 Linux login server is available. Therefore the six year old login server lilo1 will be phased out soon. The name lilo, that always points to the newest/fastest login server, will also be moved from the four year old lilo2 to the new lilo3. The new lilo3 is a Dell PowerEdge R410 with 2 Xeon L5640 processors and 32 GB memory. Please remove the old entry of lilo( from your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. For cautious people wanting to check the fingerprint of the public RSA key before supplying their Science-password to the new server: 3e:b9:89:4d:53:9b:8f:4a:97:b2:a1:c3:0d:74:34:2c.