Renewal WiFi network Huygens and Mercator 1

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

During the period between March 23th and April 20th 2015, the WiFi network (Eduroam and RU-guest) will be renewed in the Huygens building, its surroundings and in Mercator 1 (floors 0-4). All existing access points are going to be replaced by a new type and the number of access points will be expanded to increase the bandwidth, coverage and capacity. The work involved will be performed by JS Network Solutions, commissioned by the ISC and under the direction of the UVB. Although the employees of JS will work mainly in the corridor areas, access to some offices and/or labs is necessary, of course after consulting the residents, secretariats and lab-managers. The work will start in Huygens wing 1 towards wing 8 and will finish in Mercator 1. The renewal of the WiFi network in the other faculty buildings is expected to take place in 2016. For further information, please contact Marcel Kuppens.