Donation to free and open source software: ISC, FSF and OpenBSD

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

For the majority of the services C&CZ uses free software and open source software. Therefore, some time ago the idea emerged that the C&CZ employees would vote each year which projects would receive a donation of C&CZ. This year the Internet Systems Consortium, OpenBSD and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) were chosen. The Internet Systems Consortium develops a.o. BIND (DNS/nameserver) and ISC DHCP, both basic services of the network and the Internet. OpenBSD develops, next to OpenBSD itself, also OpenSSH and LibreSSL. The FSF supports GNU/Linux, which is used on almost all servers maintained by C&CZ and on many hundreds of workstations, including the computer labs.