Temporarily free Stata licence on RU pc's

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::: {#.5BTijdelijk_gratis_Stata-licentie_op_RU-werkplekken.5D.5BTemprarily_free_Stata_licence_on_RU_pc.27s.5D} :::

Together with Radboudumc, Radboud University has signed a campus license for Stata. Stata is statistical software that is in use at a number of faculties - especially at FSW and FM. The costs for the use of Stata have been relatively high up to now. Because now there is a campus license, it has become much cheaper for new users: until November 2019 it can be used free of charge on pc’s owned by Radboud University. After that it will cost a maximum of € 150 per user per year, depending on the number of users.