To counteract email spoofing, the following changes are forthcoming, affecting the way email can be sent.

Science SMTP authentication requirement from specific networks

Currently, it is possible to send emails via SMTP without authentication when connected to the campus network. For user devices, it has always been recommended to use authenticated SMTP. Starting from January 8, 2024, C&CZ will no longer allow unauthenticated SMTP from user networks. The first networks for which this policy will be enforced will be Eduroam and VPN.

Sending Emails via Science SMTP no longer Allowed for Sender Addresses

From January 8, 2024, C&CZ will contact employees using and sending emails with a sender address ending in They will be requested to modify their SMTP settings, either use their Science mail address or use the central RU mail service. The intention is to block sender addresses on the Science SMTP service from February 1, 2024.