Begin 2015-06-26 08:45:00
End 2015-06-26 09:45:00
Affected Users of network disks

Starting from 8:45h, the network disks will not be available during a migration to a new server.

Affected disks:

acfiles, aerochem, amsbackup, amscommon, beevee, bfac-backup, bio-orgchem, bioniccell, carisma, chemprac, csg-staf, csgi-archief, desda, ds, ehef1, ehef2, ehef3, geminstr2, giphouse, gissig, gmi, hfml-backup2, highres, impuls, introcie, isis, janvanhest, kaartenbak, kangoeroe, mbaudit1, microbiology, microbiology2, milkun2, milkun3, milkun5, milkun6, milkun7, milkun7rw, molbiol, mwstudiereis, neuroinf, neuroinf2, nfstest, nwibackup, olympus, puc, ruversatest, secres2, secrmolbiol, sigma, sigmacies, spectra, spm, spmdata3, spmdata4, spmdata5, spmdata6, spmdata7, spmmagstm, spmnanolab, spmstaff, ssi, staff-hfml, stroom, thalia, ucm, vsc, vsc1, vsc10, vsc11, vsc12, vsc13, vsc14, vsc15, vsc2, vsc3, vsc4, vsc5, vsc6, vsc7, vsc8, vsc9, vscadmin, wiskalg, wiskunde en wkru.