Contact   howto

For all ICT related questions and problems within FNWI please contact C&CZ. Helpdesk & Sysadmin phone mail +31 24 36 20000 +31 24 36 53535 Visiting address We are located in room HG03.055. The helpdesk is available during office hours (8:30 - 17:00). During that time the office is staffed. C&CZ is located in the Huygens building, 3rd floor, next to the entrance of wing number 5. Big orange wall stickers spell “C&CZ” at the entrance....

November 2, 2022 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Bram

Remote Assistance   howto

C&CZ helpdesk can assist using a remote assistance desktop tool (e.g. teamviewer)

January 27, 2023 · updated January 27, 2023 ·  Simon

Mounting a network share   howto

What path to mount? The storage page describes the paths for your home directory and network shares. Once you know what network share to mount, follow the steps for your operating system below. Info A VPN connection is required when accessing these paths from outside of the RU network. If you have trouble connecting to a network share after following the steps below, do not hessitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!...

January 16, 2023 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Bram

Temp share   howto

Shared temporary storage It sometimes happens that you want to send one or more large files to someone within the faculty, e-mail is not suitable for this. To make this easier, the network disk temp is available. You can temporarily store large files here. These can then be copied from this location by someone else. C&CZ systems Path Instructions Microsoft Windows \\\temp connect network share Linux /vol/temp Own systeem Path Instructions Microsoft Windows \\temp-srv....

January 13, 2023 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Bram

Data storage   howto

Introduction In our Faculty, different types of data storage are offered: Storage class Description Risk for data loss Home directories Small (several GB), reliable, backed up storage for individuals low Network shares Larger (< 1TB), reliable, backed up storage for individuals or groups low Ceph storage Large scale, reliable, snapshotted, not backed up storage for groups medium Local storage Not backed up storage on desktop computers and cluster nodes, likely to be lost in case of a hardware problem or when the machine gets reinstalled high Home directories Your Science login comes with a home directory of 5GB at no costs....

January 12, 2023 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Bram

Work from Home - FNWI   howto

Also see the working from home page provided by the central IT Service Centre. Email User webmail or your local e-mail client. Library How to get access to the University Library (when you are off-campus). BASS BASS can only be accessed directly from the campus network or through VPN from any Internet location. Note however that from a small part of the subnets at the Faculty of Science, direct access to BASS is not possible....

January 11, 2023 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Bram

SSH   howto

SSH Secure Shell SSH is used to get a secure terminal-connection to a login server. All Linux loginservers can be reached with SSH client software, not only on the standard port 22, but also on ports 80 and 443. NB: as of December 2022, not all science logins are allowed to login on the login servers anymore. Should you have trouble logging in on our loginservers, please contact postmaster Recommended SSH client software Windows: MobaXterm....

December 21, 2022 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Peter

About Phishing via e-mail   howto

Phishing Trying to acquire useful data, ie login credentials, for abusing someone else’s ICT infrastructure. Methods of phishing In general, phishing works by send a clickable link surrounded by an important message about Salary, payment or a prize, a punishment or fee. This distracts your rational mind and ensures your emotional response controls your mouse-clicking finger. Tip Always check the link (URL) on which you click (or not) if it is a known address....

December 16, 2022 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Simon

Mysql php security   howto

Mysql and php, password protection An often used combination for a website is php with mysql as database backend. This implies that the web server must be able to connect to the database. For this it needs a mysql account and password. A typical (but unsafe) solution is to store the account name and password somewhere in a file in the document tree of the website which is then read by a php script that makes the mysql connection....

December 1, 2022 · updated January 23, 2023

Login   howto

Every employee and every student of the Faculty of Science is entitled to get a (free) personal science login. With this login all services offered by computers that are managed by C&CZ can be used. The loginname is based on one’s own name, e.g. johndoe. Note that the loginname (often less than 16 non-capital characters, without . (dot) or @…) are not the same as the email address. There is a list of Science-services that can be used with this Science login....

November 24, 2022 · updated January 23, 2023 ·  Peter