C&CZ is the IT department for research and education of the Faculty of Science of Radboud University.


Feel free to contact us about any IT related problem, but specifically about science accounts and science services like e-mail, data storage, gitlab, VPN, ssh and surveys, but also about laptops, desktops, linux login servers, compute clusters, software licenses, poster or 3d printing. Also contact us for questions about security, privacy or data-leaks.


For questions about printing, phones, RU accounts, MS365, RU website, network connections, please contact the RU Helpdesk.

Retiring CephFs Cluster   news

After the storage downtime of our CephFs cluster, we and the users of this cluster have decided to stop offering CephFS shares. In the coming days we will stop the CephFs servicen and bring down the cluster. All data has been copied out of CephFs.

Superchown   news

We have enabled a service called superchown. This service allows you as a volume owner to change the ownership of files in the volume. Normally you need mailto:postmaster@science.ru.nl’s help to make these changes, but with superchown you can do it yourself. Currently this is implemented as a command line utility that is available on the LILOs. Its manual page has all the details: man superchown If you have further questions, or want to use superchown, please reach out to mailto:postmaster@science....

Matlab R2024a available   news

The latest version of Matlab, R2024a, is available. The software and license codes can be obtained through a mail to postmaster for those entitled to it. The software can also be found on the install-disc. All C&CZ-managed Linux machines have this version installed, the older version (/opt/matlab-R2023b/bin/matlab) will be available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will not receive a new version during the semester to prevent problems with version dependencies in current lectures....

Maple new version Maple2024   news

The latest version of Maple, Maple2024, for Windows/macOS/Linux can be found on the Install network share and has been installed on C&CZ managed Linux computers. License codes can be requested from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster.

NI LabVIEW license prolonged and new version   news

The license for the LabVIEW from NI has been prolonged until April 16, 2025. This license is for the versions 2022Q3 and higher, that use a subscription model. The new 2024Q1 software can be found on the C&CZ Install disc. The license server is: labview.science.ru.nl:28000 In order to be able to check out a license, names of pc’s and/of users have to be entered by C&CZ in the license server. For remote pcs this DNS suffix has to be added to the IPv4 DNS configuration: science....

New face at C&CZ   news

C&CZ is pleased that the recent vacancy for a systems developer / sysadmin has been filled. Since March, Arnoud Thörig works at C&CZ. Arnoud studied Mathematics at the Faculty of Science and has many years of experience as a Systems and DevOps Engineer.

Lilo: Per User Memory Limit   news

The Lilo servers are Linux servers for general use, with the caveat: You can use it just as you like, as long as you do not cause problems for other users. To help enforce this we are enabling a memory limit of 25% per user. This means a single user on lilo[78] can allocate up to 16 GiB.

Use eduVPN instead of Science VPNs VPNsec/OpenVPN   news

For RU students and employees, the SURF service eduVPN has many advantages over the older Science VPNs: VPNsec and OpenVPN. It’s very easy to install and use eduVPN on Windows/macOS/Android/iOS/Linux and you have access to all Science services that are also available through the Science VPNsec/OpenVPN. We list it on our VPN page as the primary VPN to use. We advise users of the Science VPNs to move over to eduVPN....

New version of Mathematica 14.0.0   news

A new version of Mathematica (14.0.0) has been installed on all C&CZ managed Linux systems, older versions can still be found in /vol/mathematica. When connected wired or wireless on campus or through VPN, the software for Windows, Linux and macOS can be found on the C&CZ Install disc. During the installation you must specify: License server: mathematica.science.ru.nl License: L4601-6478 According to the Mathematica Quick Revision History: “Version 14.0 continues to expand the scope and breadth of our computational coverage while streamlining and polishing existing areas....

SageMath on loginservers and JupyterHub, Digital Security and Math clusternodes   news

The free open-source mathematics software system SageMath version 9.5 has been installed on Science loginservers and JupyterHub, Digital Security and Math clusternodes. The mission of SageMath is to create viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. SageMath builds on top of many existing open-source packages: NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, Sympy, Maxima, GAP, FLINT, R and many more. Access their combined power through a common, Python-based language or directly via interfaces or wrappers....