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Service Interruptions

 No service interruptions.

Resolved Reports

1371: Email sent to too many people

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to a software error, an (end date notification email)[https://cncz.science.ru.nl/en/howto/emailcodes/#login-3] was mistakenly sent to too many recipients. Please disregard and delete the email. If the email was intended for you, we will resend it next week. We are working on a fix to prevend this kind of error in the future.

1370: ldap services down

Science LDAP services are all unavailable, our radius service depends on this, so this also doesn’t work. The TLS certificate has expired, after renewing the certificate and restarting the service it works again.

1369: Network shares of fileserver bushel could not be mounted login servers and cluster nodes

Due to a configuration error on the fileserver bushel, the NFS process did not run after a reboot. After correcting this error, the NFS service has been restarted.

1368: DHCP broken in a part of the datacenter

After a software upgrade and reboot of the AR-114-9 modules, dhcp relay from the Picos network is broken. The cause is still not 100% clear, we will update this incident when we know more. We tried setting up dhcp servers within the picos network, but this didn’t solve the issue. We now suspect the picos switch itself, which we will try to restart in the morning of June 6th (between 7:30 and 8:30)....

1367: license server down

Due to a configuration error the licenseserver for several of our licenses did not start automatically. Previously the server did autostart, however the cause of the configuration change is unknown. The configuration of the license server has been fixed.

Updated Apr 29, 2024  ·  wim · Created Apr 29, 2024

1366: license server down

Due to some unexpected reaction to a config change, the licenseserver for several of our licenses was misconfigured for about 40minutes. The change was reverted, but it took long enough for users to run into license problems.

1365: restore old ceph shares to new locations

Even though we closed CPK #1359, the user’s shares are not all restored. We have recovered the data from cephfs to temporary storage that is not accessible to users, it will take a bit more time to find new permanent locations for this data. The storage will not be cluster based anymore, but single server ZFS with snapshots.

1364: Some network shares temporary unavailable

Some of our network shares were temporarily unavailable earlier due to a configuration error. The issue has been resolved and all shares should be accessible now. We want to assure you that the configuration error that occurred did not impact the integrity or security of the data stored on the file server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. In the meantime, we’re working on making information about network shares readily available on DIY for your reference....

1363: Brief disruption to Matlab Licensing this morning

Some users may have experienced difficulty launching MATLAB this morning due to a temporary issue with the license server. We identified the problem and resolved it by manually restarting the server. MATLAB licensing should now be functioning normally. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

1362: Sieve difference(s) current mailbox server

After migrating to a new mailbox server on Sunday, March 31, we noticed different behaviour in the processing of mailbox filters (by the Sieve software). Firstly, the ‘include’ of global spam+virus filtering rules had a side-effect which has been fixed using a newer version of the software. Secondly, the default behaviour of the ‘fileinto’ statement underwent a change: previously, it featured an implicit ‘stop’ statement, but now it requires an explicit ‘stop’ statement after the ‘fileinto’ to achieve the same effect....