RU now victim of phishing scam too (mail asking for password)

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Now also a lot of RU employees received emails, that at first sight looked as if they were sent by a RU Helpdesk, in which was asked for a reply with loginname and password. The reply of a naive user again went to a “” mail-address. C&CZ likes to stress again that *no official institution* will ever ask you for your password, just like a bank never will ask you for your pincode for your bank account. This is almost an exact copy of the incident with TU Delft that C&CZ reported on January 29. If someone was unwise enough to reply with username and password, then it is wise to change the password immediately. C&CZ will contact users that sent replies through a C&CZ mailserver and has blocked mail to the “” mail-adres in question on their smtp-servers.