Phishing mail: Update Your Web Mailbox

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Recently a number of employees of the Faculty of Science received a phishing email with the subject “Update Your Web Mailbox !!!” This email is supposedly sent by “Science.Ru.Nl Administrator” and tries to lure the recipients into giving away their login credentials. It is not the first time we see a phishing attack specifically aimed at Science-users and it will most probably not be the last time either. The mail contains a link to a shortened URL under . If you fall for this and click on the link it leads you to a (now deleted) Google Docs site. If you are gullible enough to log in with your Science (or RU) credentials, then these become known to Internet criminals. This means that your account and all of your files and email are accessible by those criminals. This can go undetected for a long time until the user credentials are abused in such a way that the effects becomes visible. Usually the criminals try to use the user credentials to send spam via our mail servers, as recently happened. This is something we notice; in such a case C&CZ will disable the user account a.s.a.p. to prevent further abuse of the account and to prevent our mail servers from ending up on black lists.