Maple new version: Maple2022.2 and license continued   news

The C&CZ administered “4 concurrent user” license for Maple has been continued until December 31, 2023. The latest version of Maple, Maple2022.2, for Windows/macOS/Linux can be found on the Install network share and has been installed on C&CZ managed Linux computers. License codes can be requested from C&CZ helpdesk or postmaster.

December 2, 2022 · updated December 5, 2022 ·  Peter

Login   howto

Every employee and every student of the Faculty of Science is entitled to get a (free) personal science login. With this login all services offered by computers that are managed by C&CZ can be used. The loginname is based on one’s own name, e.g. johndoe. Note that the loginname (often less than 16 non-capital characters, without . (dot) or @…) are not the same as the email address. There is a list of Science-services that can be used with this Science login....

November 24, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Peter

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC license problem   cpk

Since midnight there is a problem using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you are asked to activate the license. ILS is working on a solution. You can open PDFs using Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader. See: for the original notice.

October 28, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Peter

New faces at C&CZ   news

C&CZ is pleased that recent vacancies have been filled. A year ago Eric Lieffers joined us as systems developer / sysadmin. For years, Eric worked as sysadmin at the Faculty of Social Sciences and at ISC/ILS. Last month, Miek Gieben joined the systems developer / sysadmin team and Alexander Greefhorst joined as developer. Miek studied Computer Science in Nijmegen and has now returned to Nijmegen after having worked for a.o. SIDN, Google and Goldman Sachs, most recent years as Site Reliability Engineer....

October 26, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Peter

Ceph storage interruption   cpk

Just before 23:09 quite a lot of ceph storage nodes became unreachable. This seems to be due to one of the redundant links between two datacenter locations failing for about 4 seconds. This triggered a whole slew of ceph osd processes being killed off and not starting again. A generic configuration change made for all our servers generated an extra interface, which confused some of the osd processes (depending on interface ordering) when starting up....

October 24, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Simon

Donation to free and open source software: Project Jupyter and Mozilla   news

For the majority of the services C&CZ uses free software and open source software. Therefore, some time ago C&CZ decided that each year the employees vote which projects receive a donation from C&CZ. This year Project Jupyter was chosen as new recipient. Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project, born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages....

October 21, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Peter

Email   howto

Tip Webmail For quick access to your email, use one of these webmailers: Email settings When setting up your e-mail programs, it is sufficient to only enter your e-mail address. This is what your Science email address looks like: All technical settings are then automatically filled in for you. If that does not work, or if it is necessary to fill in the details yourself, use the settings in the table below:...

October 14, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Bram

New C&CZ website   news

We have given the C&CZ website a completely new look. The update makes the website usable on smartphones. We will also make it possible to inform staff and students through this website even when all RU services are down. The content of the old site has been transferred. The old website is still available at for the time being. For questions or comments, please contact Postmaster.

October 14, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Bram

Matlab R2022b available   news

The latest version of Matlab, R2022b, is available for departments that have licenses. The software and license codes can be obtained through a mail to postmaster for those entitled to it. The software can also be found on the install-disc. All C&CZ-managed Linux machines have this version installed, an older version (/opt/matlab-R2022a/bin/matlab) is still available temporarily. The C&CZ-managed Windows machines will not receive a new version during the semester to prevent problems with version dependencies in current lectures....

October 7, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Peter

Netwerkschijf   howto

Information on all network disks In general you need to know the server name and share name to connect to a network disk. Most network disks are available directly from within the Radboud University network. Off campus use a VPN tunnel to connect to a network disk. A number of network disks or shares are available for all Science users: The U-disk: your science home directory - the server and share name can be found on dhz....

October 6, 2022 · updated November 29, 2022 ·  Remco