Mnova is a multivendor software suite designed for processing data from NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic techniques (UV-VIS, FT-IR etc.).

Mnova is available for installation on Windows, Linux, and MacOS machines. Employees and students from the Faculty of Science can install mestreNova under the university site licence on their personal computer.

Currently the faculty holds a site license for MNova 10 and MNova 14. Installation & license files can be found on the install share \install\science\MestreNova.

After installing MestreNova open the application and drag the license files in the workspace. If the computer running the application is connected to the university network (Eduroam, VPN) MNova will validate the license for a three month period. When this license expires it can be renewd by connecting to the university network.