Begin 2013-12-23 00:00:00
End 2013-12-24 00:00:00
Affected Users of network shares

In the course of these two days, above network shares will be moved to new servers. During the move action, a share will not be available. If you encounter any problems connecting to a network share using Windows, always connect using the “share-name minus srv” naming scheme: \\\sharenaam. See also Diskruimte#Naming.

Affected network shares:

acfiles2 botany botany-general carta comsol digicd encapson encapson2 exoarchief felix gi2 gi3 hfml-45t hfml-data hfml-engineering ifl iris mailmanincludes mbaudit1 mbaudit2 mbbioel mbcns mbcortex mbdata mbread mbwrite mestrelab mi2 mi3 milkun4 milkun4rw molchem molchem2 molphtec mol-secr multimedia neuropi ns3 nwi-backup onlyme owc pcb planthgl plantkunde-hgl sdisk/software share snn sofie spmdata1 tdisk/cursus tece teceleiding temp tracegastemp wallpaper xpcursus xpsoftware