Begin 2014-06-05 16:00:00
End 2014-06-05 17:00:00
Affected Users of the following network drives

The network drives will be migrated to a new server. During the migration, the network drives will be unavailable.

Affected shares:

acfiles, bioniccell, bio-orgchem, celbio1, CSGI-Archief, Csg-Staf, ds, evsf2schijf1, giphouse, gissig, gmi, hfml-backup, hfml-backup2, highres, impuls, introcie, isis, kaartenbak, microbiology, microbiology2, microbiologyftp, milkun2, milkun3, milkun5, milkun6, milkun7, milkun7rw, mwstudiereis, neuroinf, olympus, permissies, puc, secres2, sigma, sigmaalmanak, sigmacies, sigmaexchange, sigmasymposium, Soheto, splex, spmdata3, spmdata4, spmdata5, spmdata6, spmdata7, stroom, thalia, ucm, vsc, vsc1, vsc2, vsc3, vsc4, vsc5, vsc6, vsc7, vsc8, vsc9, vsc10, vsc11, vsc12, vsc13, vsc14, vsc15,wiskalg, wiskunde