Begin 2017-05-22 22:00:00
End 2017-05-23 02:00:00
Affected Eduroam wifi users

Due to maintenance the wifi network on campus (Eduroam) will not be available for twenty minutes on Monday night between 10 pm and 8 pm. During those twenty minutes your mobile device appears to be connected with the wifi network but you will notice there is no internet connection. After this interruption the connection will be established automatically. During the maintenance period additional short interruptions may occur.

Monday evening the wifinetwork will be placed behind the new firewalls of the Radboud University. When this is done, users of Eduroam on our campus are no longer directly reachable from the Internet. We are doing this to protect wifi users against viruses like the Wannacry virus that was used for the worldwide ransomware attack last week.