Begin 2011-07-03 09:00:00
End 2011-07-03 12:00:00
Affected See below

In order to improve the cooling of a server room, we plan to move three racks of Science servers a few meters on Sunday morning, July 3. We will have to switch off a lot of servers temporarily. Therefore several services will be unavailable some time starting July 3, 09:00 hours. We expect the downtime will last until 10:00 hours for servers with a lot of different users. The cn compute cluster will probably be fully operational again at 12:00 hours.

The servers/services affected are:

fileservers: plenty/pile/bundle with shares like: amsbackup2 bbb-priv botany bsweet comsol exoarchief gi3 hfml-data ifl iris lambiek mestrelab mi1/2/3 molchem2 molphtec morph multimedia olsen pcb planthgl sdisk share snn2 spmdata1 tdisk tece temp wallpaper xpcursus xpsoftware potkast: films via Blackboard ts2: Windows Terminal Server lilo1: Linux Login Server, alternative: lilo/lilo2 cn compute cluster horde webmail License server for: Comsol

With apologies for the inconvenience C&CZ