• Safe disposal of IT equipment and data carriers

  • The FNWI Housing & Logistics (HL) department manages a contract with an external specialized company for the secure destruction/shredding of data carriers on location. The secure metal container that is used as a temporary cache, can be found at C&CZ as of September 2022. Employees and students of the Faculty of Science can put data carriers with sensitive data in the container themselves at C&CZ. The C&CZ helpdesk can help recognizing and removing data carriers from desktops, laptops etc.

  • Broken monitors and other electronics can be discarded at the ‘Logistiek Centrum’ of Housing & Logistics:

  • https://www.ru.nl/science/about-the-faculty/organisation/supporting-services/housing-logistics/

    You can find the unsafe containers by taking the elevator to floor -2 of the Huygens building, then go all the way right (south), and then go all the way left (east).