Laptop uitleenreglement

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Laptop lending regulations


Students and employees of the Faculty of Science can borrow a laptop at the counter of the Library of Science, if a laptop is available for the period wanted.

  • Security:The borrower is responsible for the laptop; don’t leave it unattended, not even for quickly getting coffee or a visit to the bathroom. At the counter of the Library of Science a laptop lock can be borrowed when needed.

  • Lending period:A laptop is lent for use within the Faculty for a well-defined period of time, usually less than 1 day.Borrowing a laptop for more days and/or for use outside the Huygens building is occasionally possible. A laptop be be acquired on working days from 08:30 hours and has to be returned Monday through Thursday before 20:00 hours or Friday before 17:30 hours.

  • Laptop hardware:A power adapter and a USB mouse can be borrowed as an option.

  • Laptop software: The laptop has a.o. the following software installed: Windows 10, Adobe Reader, MS Office, F-Secure Anti virus.

There also is a quite complete list of all software.

Laptop lending regulations Faculty of Science

Article 1 The laptop is the property of the Faculty of Science): the lender. The laptop is lent to a member of the group described in Article 2: the borrower.

Article 2 The laptop is only lent to staff and students of the Faculty of Science. Membership of the Faculty community must be proven by showing the staff or student pass. In addition, the borrower must show a valid ID (driver’s license, passport or identity card).

Article 3 The laptop is lent for a predetermined period (usually up to 1 day). Borrowing and returning the laptop can only be done during opening hours of the front desk of the Library of Science.

Article 4 The laptop may only be used for educational/research purposes.

Article 5 The borrower may not lend or give the laptop to others. The borrower is only after prior arrangement allowed to take the laptop outside the building.

Article 6 If the borrower fails to return the laptop in time or in original condition at the desk of the Library of Science, the Faculty reserves the right to refuse to lend laptops to that person in the future.

Article 7 Damage and/or loss of the laptop - with the exception of damage resulting from normal use - is entirely borne by the borrower. Theft is always reported to the police by the borrower. In case of theft of the laptop the borrower must immediately notify the Faculty withsubmission of the police report.

Article 8 The borrower may not modify the configuration of the laptop. The installation of software is not permitted.

Article 9 The lender (Faculty of Science) is authorized to require the immediate return of the laptop interim and without notice if the borrower neglected, abused, or used it for a purpose other than that for which it is intended or if the borrower violates the provisions of these regulations in any way.

Article 10 The borrower uses the laptop at his own risk. The lender never will be liable for any damage whatsoever.