Every employee and every student of the Faculty of Science is entitled to get a (free) personal science login. With this login all services offered by computers that are managed by C&CZ can be used. The loginname is based on one’s own name, e.g. johndoe. Note that the loginname (often less than 16 non-capital characters, without . (dot) or @…) are not the same as the email address. There is a list of Science-services that can be used with this Science login.

So-called functional logins, which are not coupled to one natural person, are an unwanted exception. C&CZ tries to make sure that all services can be used without the need for more than 1 login per person.

Logins for new employees are created on request from the contact person of the department. Also guest logins are possible.

Logins for students are created automatically for all enlisted students that need a Science login from the information in Osiris and communicated to the student via e-mail to the registered address.

For special requests, see the contact person of your study or department. E.g. if you want to keep your Science account a while longer while you do not work or study at Radboud University anymore, C&CZ will only do this after a request from the contact person of your study or department. In most cases, visit the Education Center, more specificlly the Student Service Desk, 52200. In the event that the Student Service Desk does not have the latest information, a temporary login can be created through the contact person for the specific study.