The repair procedure depends on the firm that sold the machine. Whether the repair is free of charge or not, depends on the precise terms of warranty (and whether the repair is within the period of warranty or not).

  1. Normally, PC’s sold by standard PC supplier Dustin have a warranty period of 3 years. But: be aware that this does not hold for all machines. Read the website of Dustin (formerly CentralPoint) carefully when ordering.
  2. For other suppliers and products, a different warranty period may be applicable.
  • Repairs can be ordered through C&CZ: within as well as outside of the period of warranty. We can also advise when a defect is suspected.

  • The supplier or C&CZ will inform you about the day of repair. You have to make sure that the technician of the supplier has access to the apparatus on that day.

  • Ordering a repair can be done through email, telephone or a visit to our office.

N.B.1 The user accepts possible costs which result from this order. An estimate of € 0 does not imply automatically that there will be no costs. This also holds for repairs within the warranty period.

N.B.2 In case the costs for repair exceed € 125,- an e-mail with a specified report and the repair number will be sent to the owner. The owner must, subsequently, inform the company whether the repair has to be carried out or not.