WWW Service

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Starting a new WWW service

This document gives a short description which decisions have to be made before a new WWWW service within the Science Faculty can be started

and provides the possibility to directly send a request to C&CZ to start a new WWW service

Choice of the server

The server is the computer running the WWW daemon, that is the program that replies to http request from a browser. There are two possibilities to choose from:

  1. A server not managed by C&CZ.

In this case, C&CZ can provide help installing the daemon and answer questions regarding setting up a web server but maintenance etc. is done by the group itself.

  1. One of the main web servers

The advantage is that a new website can be up and running very fast and all maintenance is taken care off by C&CZ.

A name for the service

As for e-mail addresses, changing the name of a WWW service should be avoided. It is therefore advisable to directly choose a good name or abbreviation. The name has to be unique within the domain and it is advisable to choose a short name.

Who is going to maintain the web site

Next one has to decide who (that is which logins) is going to maintain the pages. A (small) group of people has the advantage that the site is not depending on (the availability of) one person whereas the work remains manageable.

Who is (are) the contact(s) for the website

To be able to contact the maintainer(s) of the website in case of problems we need at least one mail address.

Requesting a new WWW service

If the above questions have been answered and one can request a new WWW service from C&CZ. One will then get a standard setup.

Do you need a database

Many websites use a database backend, notably the combination of php and mysql is commonly used. C&CZ manages a number of mysql servers one may use. If you need a database you can request one by sending a mail to postmaster containing the name of the database and the website which is going to use it.