Mysql php security   howto

Mysql and php, password protection An often used combination for a website is php with mysql as database backend. This implies that the web server must be able to connect to the database. For this it needs a mysql account and password. A typical (but unsafe) solution is to store the account name and password somewhere in a file in the document tree of the website which is then read by a php script that makes the mysql connection....

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TLS Certificaten   howto

TLS certificates Any service accessible via TLS (https) must have an TLS certificate. This includes any web server with encrypted or “secure” content. An TLS (Transport Layer Security, see RFC 8446) certificate is a signed electronic guarantee that a particular server is the server it claims to be. Certificates are used primarily (but not exclusively) for providing web pages via an encrypted connection. A certificate is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) which ensures the integrity of the certificate....

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Domeinnaam registratie   howto

C&CZ has obtained a partner account at domain name registrar QDC, allowing us to register a .nl, .com, .org or .eu domain name quickly and easily. Many other extensions are possible but sometimes at significantly higher cost. The (technical) administration of such a domain name is controlled by C&CZ (the C&CZ Internet domain name servers). In this way Radboud University Nijmegen becomes the owner of the domain name instead of an individual employee of a department)....

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Internet studenten   howto

students WWW by students All student associations of the Science Faculty have their own WWW service. These are Thalia (Computer Science), 1 Desda (Mathematics), 2 Sigma (Chemistry), 3 Marie Curie (Physics), 4 BeeVee (Biology), 5 Leonardo (Sciences), 6 Students who would like to start their own www service are advised to contact their association using the association’s website or by sending a mail to one of the mail addresses. If that doesn’t work out you can always visit C&CZ and talk to one of the system administrators to see if it is possible to start a new WWW service....

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Informatiebeveiliging   howto

Information security European directives and Dutch law prohibit the storage of personal data (persoonsgegevens) outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Most of the well known cloud services are US based: Dropbox, all Google services such as Gmail and Google+, Hotmail, iCloud. This implies that (data collections containing) personal data may not be stored on these cloud services. In addition to the law, Radboud University has issued an internal security policy that prohibits the storage of data that is classified as critical (this includes all personal data) on any (public) cloud service, even those which are EEA based....

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Internet setup   howto

The default WWW setup NOT_YET_TRANSLATED

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Mediawiki Extensie Installeren   howto

Installing a MediaWiki extension Checkout the extension Extension-name by way of: svn co Copy the transferred files to the extensions directory Remember to copy a .htaccess file with RewriteEngine Off into the new directory

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Internet informatie   howto

Webdesign Web Style Guide HTML A number of HTML tutorials, simple (at the top) to extensive (at the bottom) Beginning HTML at Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents WDVL: HTML - The HyperText Markup Language [; LookSmart - Advanced HTML Tutorials] HTML 3.2 Quick Reference Index DOT Html: THE Advanced HTML Reference HTML handleiding Colors Colours are important for a website, always use ‘browser-safe’ colours: Webmonkey | Reference: Color Codes...

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Url   howto

Universal Resource Locators a Universal Resource Locator (URL) tells you were you can find a World Wide Web page. Each URL is constructed as: protocol://host.domain:port/path Protocol The protocol determines in what way the information has to be obtained. Valid protocols are e.g. http: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The protocol to get Web pages. file or ftp: The document referred to will be downloaded as a normal file. telnet: Starts a telnet session to host....

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WWW Service   howto

Starting a new WWW service This document gives a short description which decisions have to be made before a new WWWW service within the Science Faculty can be started and provides the possibility to directly send a request to C&CZ to start a new WWW service Choice of the server The server is the computer running the WWW daemon, that is the program that replies to http request from a browser....

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