Replacement of Ricoh multifunctionals by Konica Minolta

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

The European tender for multifunctionals (printer/copier/scanner) for the university was won by Konica Minolta. This means that the current Ricoh machines will be replaced. There is a project to make the print/copy/scan system Péage suitable for employees. The printing and copying costs for employees will be charged to their “aanstellingskostenplaats”, i.e. the current budget groups will disappear. Until this project is completed successfully, the C&CZ printbudget system will be used.

  • Since the new Peage system will not support Xafax copycards, it is advised to minimize your local stock of Xafax copycards.
  • The first Konica Minolta MFP’s will be placed for the expansion to Huygens 2.0 (Mercator 1).
  • The first replacement of Ricoh-machines in FNWI will be in April: the Peage printer Watt near the restaurant.