Total Vodafone coverage in Huygens with first Ericsson Radio Dot in the world

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Coverage for mobile phones on the Vodafone network, as used for Vodafone Wireless Office has been extended to the basements and transport corridors of the Huygens building. This became possible, because Ericsson and Vodafone were interested in doing a pilot in the Huygens building with the first live enterprise deployment of the Radio Dot system worldwide. This is in addition to the distributed antenna system built in 2011, which was necessary because of the similarity of the Huygens building with a Faraday cage. This reminds some veterans of June 1987, when a pilot was carried out at the Faculty of Science by PTT (now KPN), Philips, SURF and the university with the first PABX with a large amount of data traffic in The Netherlands. This PABX is still in use for speech phone calls in the periphery of the Huygens building.