Watch out: fake invites for fake social networks (flipmailer, infoaxe)

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Recently C&CZ hears from users that they receive mail from mail addresses they know with subjects like “You have a new notification from … View?” or “… is waiting for your response. Respond?” or “I would like to add you as a friend”. Accept?" The link (URL) in these mails points to something in “flipmailer dot com” or “infoaxe dot com”. Clicking the link results in the installation of a spyware plugin/add-on/extension in the browser Firefox/Chrome/… If you fill in your mail-password on their website, all your contacts will get the same fake invitation. Do not fall for this! If you have responded to these mails, please contact the C&CZ helpdesk or search the Internet what to do to remove the spyware, such as deze how-to-remove-fliporainfoaxenet-spam-extension.