Wireless network FNWI much improved in coverage and capacity

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

In the past months, the number of wireless access points in the Huygens building, Mercator 1 and HFML has been much increased, from 97 to 219. Almost all of these access points also support the new 802.11ac standard. This has much improved both coverage and capacity of the wireless network ‘eduroam’ in these buildings. To make sure that both coverage and capacity is optimal in important locations, the ISC will take measurements in the next weeks. We also ask users within FNWI that still have problems with the wireless network, to report this to the C&CZ helpdesk (helpdesk@science.ru.nl). Where necessary, adjustments will then be made. More information about the wireless network can be found at the ISC website. The other FNWI buildings will get an upgrade in 2016, if budget is available.