Don't become the source of a data breach yourself\!

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

In order not to become the source of a data breach yourself, it is wise to consider what personal information you have of others (colleagues, students, …). If you do not really need this information, deleting it is the safest option. Encrypting personal data, e.g. by using the free software 7zip (open source) or VeraCrypt, both available for Windows/Linux/MacOSX, is a good choice too, especially if you have the data on a mobile data carrier, such as a laptop or a USB stick. The filesystem of smartphones/tablets/laptops can often be encrypted too (Windows, Android, iPad/iPhone). Furthermore in case of theft or loss, these can often be remotely wiped (Android, iPad/iPhone). Reports of a data breach can be done at C&CZ, but also 24/7 at the ILS helpdesk.