Move to RU print system Peage

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

C&CZ and the ISC are preparing the replacement of the C&CZ printing system by the RU-wide Peage printing system, that can be used by students some years now. Once staff and guests can also use Peage, the C&CZ printing system can be phased out. The move is expected to take place from April. Peage benefits include: follow-me-printing and Scan-to-Me scanning. A disadvantage is that one can not have different budget groups. Charging employees for the costs will be done through the account (kostenplaats) of the chief appointment. The Konica Minolta printer in the restaurant of the Huygens building is a Peage printer already. If Peage is further implemented, we will start with the Konica Minolta printers on the ground floor of the Huygens building. After the ground floor, we will continue with the other floors and finally with the buildings around Huygens.