Donation to free and open source software

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

For the majority of the services C&CZ uses free software and open source software. Therefore, some time ago the idea emerged that the C&CZ employees would vote on which projects would receive a donation of C&CZ. This year the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Limesurvey were chosen. The FSF supports GNU/Linux, which is used on almost all servers maintained by C&CZ and on many hundreds of workstations, including the computer labs. LimeSurvey is used for conducting surveys since 2008. Since the end of 2011, it is used for all ca. 500 course evaluations of the Faculty of Science per year. In addition, it is also used by departments (as PUC, ISIS and the Education Center) and individual employees and students of the Faculty of Science. For more info, see our LimeSurvey page.