Exchange account/mail-address Givenname.Surname at for FNWI staff from August 1

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Starting August 1, all FNWI employees who do not have an account yet in Exchange, the RU central mail and calendar, will get such an account and with that an extra mail address, of the form For anyone who already has an Exchange account, with a mail address ending in e.g., nothing changes.

In Exchange one can share calendars with eachother, which makes making appointments easier. All new Exchange accounts will get a “redirect” to the current Science address. As a result, you will not miss an email: you only get an extra address, that redirects all new mail to the existing address.

Do you want to use Exchange? The “redirect” can be turned off by logging in to with your U-number preceded by “RU\” and your RU password. After that, you can remove the check box in “Options -> Create an Inbox Rule” at “redirect all incoming”. Sending new Science mail to Exchange can be turned on by visiting the Do-It-Yourself Site and “forward” to the mail address.

Take Note 1: Thunderbird users should install the add-on Lightning to be able to see and process Exchange calendar requests.

Take Note 2: if there is a redirect line in Exchange, Exchange will not forward mails with sender address the same as the forwarding address, in order to prevent mail loops.

If you have questions, please contact C&CZ.