Ubuntu 18.04 for computer labs and individual workstations

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

During the summer break all computer labs will be (re)installed with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Since months ago, one can test course software using the Ubuntu 18.04 loginserver lilo6. All PC’s in HG00.075 and HG00.761 will be replaced by new ones, (All-in-One, dual boot with Windows10 and Ubuntu 18.04 Linux). After this replacement, al PC’s in the computer labs have fast SSD disks.

If you are using Linux PC’s in computer labs as well as a C&CZ managed Linux PC in your office, we advise you to consider upgrading your office PC to Ubuntu 18.04 as well. Running Ubuntu 16.04 in your office on a managed PC and using an Ubuntu 18.04 PC in the computer labs will result in problems.