System Development   howto

System Development and Administration System development and administration is located in room HG03.055. Who are they? Remco Peter Bram Wim Eric Fred Simon Ben Erik Miek Alexander What do they do? System Administration takes care of Management of the servers of the faculty and of various departments. Back-up and restore of the data on the servers. Management of work places in the departments and in the PC-rooms and publicly available working places: Managed PC’s with MS-Windows and/or Ubuntu Linux....

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CNCZ Medewerkers   howto

Department head Bjorn Bellink Secretary Astrid , secretariaat System administration and development Remco Peter Bram Miek Wim Eric Simon Ben Erik Application development Remco Alexander Fred Operations/Helpdesk/User support/datacenter Bjorn Honing John Stefan Bert Dominic There also is a list of former employees.

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Werkplekondersteuning   howto

Operations/helpdesk is located in room HG00.051. Who are they? Dominic Bjorn Honing John Stefan What do they do? User support for students and staff [Installatie en onderhoud van de studentenvoorzieningen, met name de terminalkamers en openbare werkplekken][Installation and maintenance of hardware available for students, especially the terminal rooms and public workstations] General support of computer equipment in research departments Operational management of the server rooms Assistance for, or advice with respect to, [het installeren van PC’s en netwerksoftware][ installing PC’s and network software] [ reparaties van PC’s en printers][ repairing PC’s and printers]

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Secretariaat   howto

Who are they? Astrid What does she do? The secretary takes care of: Department administration. Functional administration of the time registration system. Licences Matlab and toolboxes. Licences Maple, Labview, Mathematica.

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Oud medewerkers   howto

Former C&CZ employees Jos Alsters Pauline Berens Mariet Bimshtein-Oskam Mathieu Bouwens Hans van Driel Marc van Elferen Wim Evers Aad Hulsbosch Willem Jan Karman Kees Keijzers Marcel Kuppens Hans Mahler Theo Neuij Henk van Nieuwkerk Ron Sommeling Tom van der Sommen Khamba Staring Caspar Terheggen Joost van Wel

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