VPN service downtime   cpk

The VPNsec service will be moved to a new server. This move will cause downtime and existing VPN connections will be destroyed. Downtime is expected not to exceed several minutes.

Updated Jul 6, 2023  ·  Wim Janssen · Created Jul 4, 2023

OpenVPN   howto

Openvpn If you somehow fail to get our standard VPN service up and running on your system, use our OpenVPN service. General settings: label value server adres openvpn.science.ru.nl port 443 Tip You can test your VPN-connection by visiting this (great) website: https://ip.science.ru.nl This page displays your ip address. If your Science VPN is active, your ip address should start with 131.174.. The hostname should look like vpnXXXXXX.science.ru.nl (where XXXX matches your ip address)....

VPN   howto

VPN A VPN makes it possible to get secure access to the internet or to the campus network from anywhere. The computer at home (or anywhere on the internet) in the latter case becomes part of the campus network. In this way you can get access to services that are normally only accessible from computers on campus. The most common of such services are connecting to disk shares or to special servers....