Begin 2015-01-17 07:54:00
End 2015-01-17 09:11:00
Affected network Huygens building, incl wireless and IP telephony

Saturday morning, during maintenance by UVB and Liander, there were a few short unintended power dips in the Huygens building. A large part of the network switches does not have a UPS and thus restarted. After 09:11 all switches were operational again.

Background: January 10 and 17, maintenance has been carried out on the power transformers in the Huygens building. This work should be carried out once every 5 years. Because a power failure of 6-8 hours (duration of maintenance) is unacceptable for the Faculty of Science, last year bypasses have been constructed, to make the transformers able to replace each other. Beforehand, the chance that a power failure should occur, was thought to be particularly small. The next time such a service is planned, in 2020, everyone will be informed in advance.