The Radboud University uses a concern-application BASS-FinLog BASS-finlog. This document explains how Science staff-members can use it.

Login details and authorization

To be able to use BASS for electronic cost declarations (i-Expense), one needs:

  • a U-number (personnel number).
    This can be requested from P&O. The corresponding RU-password can be reset by C&CZ for Science employees.
  • a budget number (Dutch: kostenplaats).
    This is available through your department or can be requested from P&C of the Financial Department.

To place orders (i-Procurement) or approve requisitions, one additionally needs:

  • authorization in BASS/FinLog/Oracle, can be requested with a request form.

Access to BASS

  • Access to BASS is certified only from certain combinations of the various Windows operating systems, versions of Internet Explorer, Java versions, etc. In practice many alternative configurations (Mac, Linux, other browsers) seem to work fine.
  • BASS functions properly from any standard RU workstation and also from any Windows workstation managed by C&CZ.
  • BASS can only be accessed directly from the campus network or through VPN (from any given Internet location). Note however that from a small part of the subnets at the Faculty of Science, direct access to BASS is not possible. These subnets are the ones with a lot of servers that can be accessed from the Internet.
  • BASS cannot be accessed from Server subnets, this includes our lilo servers.
  • BASS functions such as Time and Electronic Declaration, and iProcurement only use the web browser and usually work with any browser from any platform (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, on PC, Mac, Linux, or tablet). So electronic declarations from an iPad via VPN works fine.
  • Other BASS functions (“forms”) depend on Java. Therefore Java must be installed on the PC (Mac, Linux, etc.) to work with forms. Here the matter becomes more complex.
    • On an iPad Java is not available, so in principle iPads cannot be used to work with forms.
    • The Java version on the client (PC, Mac, Linux) may not differ “too much” from the version on the BASS server. A lower version on the client isn’t a problem (for BASS, however it is a big security problem for the PC!), a higher version can be a problem for BASS.
    • Other characteristics of the client (e.g. 32 or 64 bit version of the operating system) can play a role too.
  • The functions in BASS which require Java are mostly used by the employees at CIF, CFA, DPO, budget holders and employees placing orders. If such a user needs to be able to work with BASS from home, it is advised to use the “remote desktop” feature (i.e. to connect to the desktop of the PC at work).

Preparing your PC

This manual describes how to use BASS from Windows 7, but things are essentially the same for Linux and the Mac.

The use of this web application requires configuration changes of your computer. The configuration change depends on your network settings, see next step.

Note: BASS can only be accessed from the campus or through a VPN connection to the campus network. These limitations are for the sake of security.

Some parts of BASS require Java 6.x or 7.x to be installed on the PC. All C&CZ managed PC’s have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

Logon to BASS

This is a direct link to the login page of BASS.


If this fails, you don’t have direct access to You will have to use the vpn.

Who can answer my questions about the functionality of BASS-finlog?

The Radboudnet website shows the contact details of the BASS helpdesk.

Where should I request authorizations for BASS?

To request authorizations for BASS one has to hand in signed authorization documents. Users cannot request authorizations themselves at the BASS-finlog helpdesk.

Information about this procedure can be found at the Radboudnet website. Authorization request have to be processed and confirmed by the financial department FEZ of the Faculty of Science.

How can I set an initial BASS password or reset it later?

As of June 1, 2013 there is no separate BASS password anymore: use your U number and RU password to logon to BASS.

Which PC IP addresses do not yet have direct access to BASS?

Only the following FNWI desktop IP adresses will not have direct access to BASS, but users can connect to BASS e.g. through VPN: - - -

I can’t manage to get BASS running on my PC, are there any alternatives?

BASS can be reached and used with any browser on any device.