The procedure below only works for employees with an U-number. For access with an E-number account please contact
All employees and guest who need to access to labservant can obtain an account using the following steps:

  1. Request labservant access via the secretariat of your department, they can grand labservant access via RBS.
  2. After labservant access is granted in RBS, login to labservant using your RU account (
  3. During your first logon an account is created based on your personal data in RBS
  4. After a successful login (you should see the Labservant home screen), the lab-manager of your department can grant you the authorizations needed.

When the message “Logged in but no verified check” is displayed after logon, labservant asses was not granted in RBS by your department’s secretariat


Each organisational unit or cluster of units has one or more labservant lab-managers who can grant labservant authorizations to department members and can manage the department’s storage locations and budget numbers. The labmanager is the first in line to contact regarding any labservant questions or issues.

IIInstitute/Service Department Lab Manager(s)
Donders Centre for Neuroscience
Donders Centre Biophysics ...
Donders Centre Molecular Neurobiology ...
Nick van Bakel
Céline Sijlmans
Donders Centre Neuroinformatics ...
Liz van den Brand
Donders Centre Neurophysiology ...
Debbie Tilburg-Ouwens
Marie-Louise Beenen
High Field Magnet Laboratory & FELIX
HFML/FELIX FELIX Facility Jonathan Martens
Britta Redlich
HFML/FELIX High Field Magnet Laboratory Hans Engelkamp
Institute for Molecules and Materials
IMM Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics Joris Meurs
IMM Applied Materials Science Peter Mulder
Maarten van Eerde
Natasha Gruginskie
IMM Biomolecular Chemistry Els van Genne
IMM Molecular and Laser Physics Andre van Roij
Chris Berkhout
Michel Balster
IMM Molecular Chemistry Cluster Samuel Bosma
Jan Dommerholt
Theo Peters
IMM NMR research Facility Ruud Aspers
Frank Nelissen
IMM Scanning Probe Microscopy Henning von Allwörden
IMM Solid State Chemistry Erik de Ronde
Paul Tinnemans
IMM Spectroscopy of Solids and Interfaces Chris Berkhout
Institute for Water and Wetland Research
IWWR Animal Ecology and Physiology Wim Atsma
Jan Zethof

Ecology Germa Verheggen-Kleinheerenbrink
Niels Wagemaker
Peter Cruijsen
IWWR Experimental Plant sciences Daan van den Brink
IWWR IWWR Radio Lab Wim Atsma
Jan Zethof
IWWR Microbiology Katinka van de Pas-Schoonen
Rob de Graaf
Educational Institutes
OBW Education Labs Biosciences Lydia Ketelaars
Guus Middelbeek
OMW Education Labs Molecular Sciences Tom Bloemberg
Luuk van Summeren
ONS Education Labs Physics
Radboud Institute for Molcular Life Sciences
RIMLS Molecular Developmental Biology Siebe van Genesen
RIMLS Proteomics and Chromatin Biology Pascal Jansen
Supporting Services
GI General Instrumentation Sebastian Krosse
Housing & Logistics Logistics Maikel Diebels
Lars Heijnen
Jeffrey Manders
TeCe Techno Centre ...