Science software licences negotiated by C&CZ

All info can be found on the Science licenses pages. Questions: please contact C&CZ.

Most software can be found on the install share. On a PC with MS-Windows (or a Linux “Samba client”), one can connect to the service:


RU software licences negotiated by ILS

ILS negotiated license agreements for the RU for a number of software packages. This makes that software relatively cheap (bulk license) or even free (campus license) for use by students and employees.

A lot of license software can be bought at Surfspot by employees and students by using their RU account and the corresponding RU-password. Some of this (primarily MS-Windows) software can be borrowed from C&CZ.

  • Security: F-Secure
    • for Windows/macOS computers purchased with RU funds that are privately administered, please contact C&CZ.
    • for 1 privately owned device one can get free of charge “F-Secure Safe (RU Nijmegen)” for 1 year at Surfspot, see the ILS protect your computer page.